Fello is a new Swedish cellphone carrier. It was founded out of a frustration over constantly being fooled with weird invoices and terms and conditions that weren’t what they seemed. The founders-to-be decided to take matters into their own hands, and became a cellphone carrier themselves. An honest one. 

To most companies, April Fools is a day when it’s OK to fool people. But Fello isn’t most companies. So we decided to take a different route, and point out that Fello doesn’t fool people. Not even today. 

On April 1st, we published this full page print ad in Expressen, Aftonbladet and Kvällsposten, three of Sweden’s biggest national newspapers. It flew in the face of all the other companies’ ads, that were all desperately trying to use the day to be funny and fool people.  


Prove Fello’s honesty policy isn’t all talk and no action.

An honest April Fools.

Julia Gillgren, copywriter
Malin Saarinen, art director


Today, many people want to fool you. But Fello doesn’t do that stuff. Not even today. We believe in honesty. That’s why our mobile plan has no binding period, no hidden fees and no complicated terms and conditions. Find out more at fello.se


Idag är det många som vill lura dig. Men Fello sysslar inte med sånt. Inte ens idag. Vi tror på ärlighet. Därför har vårt mobilabonnemang ingen bindningstid, inga dolda avgifter och inga krångliga villkor. Läs mer på fello.se