Divided we stand







Young people are no longer watching sports in the same way that they used to. Live viewing numbers are declining, and social content like highlights is on the rise. So how do we bring them back to watching sports live? How do we make them care more about the actual games, and less about the short video clips they scroll through online?


People think differently. If no-one over 25 would have voted in last year’s presidential election, the results would have been completely different. So there’s a division, a gap between young people and their older peers. Those who are young today tend to be more open towards diversity and care more about the collective. So to make sports interesting to young people, we need to fill it with these progressive values that they care about.


Unfortunately, people will always disagree on things. But division can actually be a powerful, positive force. We just need to unite in the fact that we’re not united.


Divided we stand.

Initiated by the four major leagues in the US: the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, this is a campaign about the positive sides of differences, diversity and rivalry. A campaign that wants us to acknowledge that will never completely agree with each other, whether it’s in politics, about religion, or in sports. Us sports fans, we will always root for different teams. We will always be divided. The important things is that we agree to disagree, and unite in the one thing we all love the most. Sports.

This campaign will appeal to the target audience young people’s ambition to be aware of the world around them; their quest to walk in the frontline towards a more united world. Their will to be associated with all things good, modern and progressive.


Digital billboards are divided in half, and the footage shows two rival athletes doing the exact same, synchronized movements.





Let’s face it, young people might not always have the funds to pay for the channels that broadcast sports live. So we launch a service that lets them pay for their sports with something other than money. We let them pay with rivalry.

Using the leagues’ apps and their Apple TV compatibility, we create a function where you can watch live sports for free. With one catch though – you have to watch it together with a rival. When wanting to watch a live game with your team, you get connected to someone who roots for the opposing team. During the game, you have to keep the live chat between you going, because if you don’t, the game is turned off for both of you. So just unite in the fact that you’re divided , and enjoy the free game together.


In order to launch the Live Rivalry service, we create short social media videos featuring the best and brightest stars of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. The unscripted videos are Skype recordings of two players from rival teams talking freely to each other about what they love the most – their sport. Showing that being rivals doesn’t always mean that you can’t get along.