A damn beer

The hipster culture has not only taken over the way people dress, eat and talk, but also the way people drink. It’s become cool, in certain circles even mandatory, to order weird and obscure beers, even if you don’t like the way they taste. This is not why people go to the bar. They go to have a good time. They go to have a damn beer.

A damn beer (En jävla öl) is a beer that takes a stand against everything that is beer elitism. A beer that knows that the label doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a good beer. A beer that’s a beer. Without BS.

In order for the “label doesn’t matter” idea to work, the bottle itself needed maximum exposure. So the label is simply the logo in a thin white frame with a transparent background.

Develop a beer concept for a small brewery releasing their first batch of IPA.

A damn beer (SWE: En jävla öl) – A beer that takes a stand against beer elitism.

Julia Gillgren, copywriter and designer